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Login over Unsecure Channels

Yesterday I talked about securing stored passwords in a database.  That is helpful in preventing an attacker from reversing user’s password information assuming they got access to your database.  But what good is protecting that information if your users login by passing their username/passwords over plaintext. Now this whole...

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Storing Passwords in a Database

The other day, a friend of mine was asking for the best practice regarding stored passwords in a SQL database.  His first idea was a simple hash (SHA1 in his case).  While this is significantly better than plaintext and even MD5, it is still computationally feasible to reverse/guess the...

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Recent Work

Sorry for the huge gaps between posts.  I’m trying to find time to prepare and write up posts about my various projects.  The big one, that I hope can benefit lots of people, is my MySQL Advanced Class.  It’s basically a PHP class that allows static one-line access to...

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A few years ago, when I was sitting at my moving sale, I came up with some crazy variations on the basic word/letter based CAPTCHA for my senior project,  Most of the ideas I had were either impossible to implement or difficult to answer.  I eventually decided to...

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Facebook Puzzles

Hey, it’s been a while since I posted last.  After getting certified, I felt like I needed to push my programming skill further.  That’s where the Facebook Engineering Puzzles came into play.  I completed the first two training ones last August ("Hoppity Hop!" and "Meep meep!").  I also worked...

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